03/22/2020: COVID-19 UPDATE

To Our Driving Community:

As you all know and have experienced, we at Professional Driving School’s are committed to our students and parents. Everyone’s safety is our main concern.The threat of this virus is very serious and very real and I must act accordingly. Due to the close proximity in the vehicles, it is impossible to comply with any sort of social distancing advice and it truly puts everyone in the vehicle at risk of contracting the virus. I speak in class regularly about how we may never eliminate risk in the vehicle, however we do want to always strive to minimize risk. I think that statement holds true in this case of fighting the spread of COVID-19. This is why I decided that we would do our part and follow the suggestions of the Federal Government, Gov. Baker’s ban and the MA RMV’s lead on protecting the general public. It is for this reason I have suspended all in car instruction until April 6, 2020. We are carefully monitoring, as I am sure you are, for any changes in the current situation surrounding COVID-19 and hoping for positive signs in returning back to a normal schedule.

What to expect:

  1. All in-car instruction is suspended until Monday April 6, 2020. We will be monitoring and will provide further updates as we assess the situation based on government recommendations.
  2. Professional Driving Schools office will be closed to the general public for the same time period, however we will be available via phone and email:
    1. For Billing: billing@professionaldrivinginc.com
    2. General Office: drivingschool@professionaldrivinginc.com
    3. Mike Hanlon: mrmike@professionaldrivinginc.com
    4. Scheduling: schedule@professionaldrivinginc.com
  3. We will be participating in the ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM that was recently approved by the MA RMV to help students continue to move forward with Driver Education. Please click this link to PRE-REGISTER.
  4. NEW enrollments are accepted ONLINE and via Telephone.  Future classes with the exception of Harwich Community Center April 21st  thru April 25th  will be HELD AS SCHEDULED until further notice based on government recommendations and threat level.
  5. New scheduling is suspended temporarily. With the uncertainty of when we will be cleared to return to work, We must give preference to students that were already in the system and have been cancelled. This is only temporary until we can get a good sense of when we will be able to return to normal.
  6. If you scheduled your road test through Professional Driving Schools. Please call us at 508-790-1234. ALL MA ROAD TESTS HAVE BEEN CANCELED BY THE MA RMV THROUGH APRIL 6, 2020

This is a TEMPORARY situation for all of us, we will return to normal, we will carry on as before. Our job now is to come together as a community to stop the spread of of this virus! Please be safe, and please know we are striving to get things back “on the road again” as quickly as possible.

Mike Hanlon
General Manager
Professional Driving Schools, Inc.