RMV Processing Fee

Why do I have an RMV Processing Fee?

Since March 26, 2018 the Massachusetts RMV converted from their old ALARS computer system to a new system call ATLAS. With the old ALARS system, the RMV would input all student data upon our submission of a Certificate of Completion. This was a simple process for the driving schools and required very little time on the part of the driving school. With the new ATLAS system, the driving school is now required to input all student data directly into the ATLAS system. Because the RMV has put the onus of data entry on to the driving schools, we find that our processing cost per student has increased which necessitated our pricing increase.

We at Professional Driving Schools want you, our customers to know this was not an easy decision to make. We have not increased our tuition since 2007 as it is important to us to keep the cost of driver education as low and reasonable as possible. Therefore, we decided to call this an “RMV Processing Fee”.

RMV Processing Fee $35.00
Includes $15 RMV Certification Fee required by the RMV for electronic submission of completion of Driver Education and Certification.

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